The Plan


Capsules are a half-vps/half-container hybrid solution for people who need more control than the Appbox gives them. If you have some linux experience this might be a better fit for you than the Appbox platform. For more information see the Capsule announcement post.

Capsule All resources are completly dynamic and can be altered on a daily base. Prices From €3 Per Month

  • Choose your storage (always redundant)
  • Choose your CPU's
  • Choose your bandwidth
  • 40 Gbit Connection
  • Open sourced app installation software
  • 44 Apps One Click Away
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The Deal

Root access

Capsules come with root access, enable it on your Capsules dashboard page for endless possibilies.


You can alter your Capsules specifications on a daily base. Need more CPU power? Just edit your Capsule, if you'd like you can revert it the next day.

Aethernal Agent

All capsules come with Aethernal Agent our open sorces app installation software.