Bytesized's Virtual Servers

Virtual servers with support for Bytesized Connect

Virtual servers hosted from the Netherlands optimised for Plex server transcoding

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The Deal

The freedom of a Virtual Server

Do you want more freedom then our Appboxes give you? With our virtual servers you are free to setup your server the way you want it. If you like to combine your own tools with our unique one click installer then install a free version of Bytesized Connect to give your VPS super powers.

The specs

We offer two distinct flavours. One focused on storage and redundancy, the other focused on disk and network speed and with a lower entry. Pick the plan that suits your needs and might those needs change it's no issue to move between the plans as well.


Every VPS comes with access to a VPS management platform; SolusVM. From SolusVM you can restart / reinstall your server, reset your password and check your resources. This means you never have to wait on support for common tasks.

Great support and awesome performance what more can one ask - Real person #3

Leaseweb based Virtual Servers

Hosted from Leaseweb, the Netherlands. Each VPS has access to three virtual Xeon CPUs and 2GB of dedicated RAM. The storage is build on top of a RAID-50 (2x(4+1)).

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Don't want a shared server?

We also offer managed dedicated servers with our Appbox platform pre-installed giving you the best Plex experience out there.

Bytesized based Virtual Servers

Hosted from our own datacenter in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Each VPS has access to two virtual Xeon CPUs and 1GB of dedicated RAM. The storage is build on top of a RAID-10 array. As an extra feature it is possible to reroute your traffic through different partners for increased network performance.