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New App: Flexget & Feature comments

I've just added the Flexget app to your list of available apps. The goal for Fusion always has been to make things ever simpler that's why I also added a Flexget config creator to the website so that you can also use Flexget if you don't know how to use a terminal or how to edit a config file on Linux.

Please see the Wiki page on Flexget to get started.

It's also possible to comment on features starting today. Use this to explain why you would love to have a certain feature or tips on how you want to see it implemented.

As always come find me if something is not working, you get an error or you have any questions :)


If you installed Flexget before 21st of Aug 17:30 GMT+1 you will have to reinstall it or it will stop deluge everytime you update your config. Sorry about the inconvenience.


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