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New app: rtorrent with ruTorrent and autodl-irssi

Another BySH app is available: rtorrent with rutorrent webui.

When installing rtorrent, ruTorrent webui will be automatically setup. But that is not all!

We bundled into our setup one of the most requested ruTorrent plugins, autodl-irssi! All that is left for you, user, to do is configure it to your liking and you are ready to start. In addition to this plugin we have enabled a standard set of plugins like screenshots, mediainfo, unpack etc.

Since this is still Beta, I would appreciate feedback whether it is optimal rtorrent config suggestion, super-awesome plugin people couldn't live without or something not working properly.

Basic info can be found on our wiki page, we welcome additions.

It's also possible to suggest features and apps. You can find the link on your dashboard or via this link.


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