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Feedback wanted: Possible pricing!

Yesterday I had a long call with Maxlazio to discuss the beta so far and to discuss a possible pricing structure.

Now before I tell you what we came up with keep the following in mind.

This new plan is not branded as a "Seedbox" persé. I rather call it a "Streambox". It's aimed as a tool not to build huge amount of buffers but to create your own Netflix and use it as such. This might mean we are also attracting a more casual audience. The plans we came up with reflect that.

The rationale behind the go-to plan is that you want to most likely store a large library online and stream that on demand. We moved the focus from bandwidth to more space. To keep things cheap we will only supply a limited amount of bandwidth but with an option to buy more if you really need it. Please remember these are not the final plans but just our current iteration.

So without further ado the plans.

  • 1TB Storage - 2TB Upload bandwidth (+/- 750 hours of streaming 720p) - 18 EUR
  • 2TB Storage - 4TB Upload bandwidth (+/- 1125 hours of streaming 720p) - 32 EUR
  • 3TB Storage - 6TB Upload bandwidth (+/- 2250 hours of streaming 720p) - 47 EUR

Additional bandwidth will be 2.5 EUR per TB.

I was further wondering if anybody in the current beta would like a mirrored box. Basically what this would mean is that I would setup a few disks in RAID-1, as a result any byte you write will be written to two disks. This way, when ever a disk crashes, and sadly this always happens sooner or later, your data is safe. The downside of this method is that you will basically be paying for two slots. So a mirrored 1TB box will cost you 36 euro.

I doubt many members would go for this but I had to ask now I'm rewriting everything anyway.

Please let us know how you feel about these prices or any other comments you might have. Your feedback is important as always.


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