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New feature: Bandwidth boost

In the pricing article I promised you an easy way to Boost your bandwidth in case you would run out. Since this box is centered around streaming not having access to your content would be a real p.i.t.a.

Starting today you should have a new button on your "box page" called "Boost bandwidth".

When you press it you get a selection of bandwidth boosts you can buy. The process is a little harder then it should be because for now all the invoicing happens on the legacy site so let me run you through the whole process.

  • Navigate to your box page. The boost bandwidth will be transparent when you have bandwidth left (like the image) or lid up when you do need it.
  • Click boost bandwidth button and select the amount to boost with.
  • Please note that a boost always expires on your renewal date.
  • You will be redirected to the legacy site where a new invoice will have be created for you.
  • Once the invoice is paid you will receive a notification on the Fusion site and you should see the boost applied to your account.
  • It should say 1.12TB / 1 TB (+0.5 TB boost), this means your total useable amount is 1.5TB.

If you have a pending boost waiting for a payment you will see the following on your box page.

You should be able to stack boosts so if you are in doubt if you need the large plan you can always try it with a cheaper version first.

Please note that because of a bug if you were already over quota when this feature rolled out it might now seem that your bandwidth is already reset. It's actually still depleted.

If anybody wants to boost let me know if it worked out. :)


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