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Keeping Omega account option added

Hey guys,

as mentioned in previous news posts and discussions on chat we've added an option to preserve your Omega account after the Beta is over.

If you navigate page Accounts -> Omega, under Box Details tab you will notice another line named Account status.

If you are not interested in keeping the data on Omega after the beta ends, no action is required.

If you want to keep Omega box after beta ends, press the Keep account link. This will take you to a new page where you will be able to request the box from our new offer as outlined in our previous news item. As mentioned there, only the initial boxes will have this option of keeping the data - Butler service. Once you choose the plan, an invoice will be created on the Bytesized invoices page and Omega account status will change to Waiting for payment.

Only after receiving the payment the Omega box will be safe from deletion and at this point your account will be safe from deletion.

That is it!

Beta ending status

We are on target for getting out of Beta starting October. For now, we didn't receive any notices of server delivery delays. Precise date is still not set though and we cannot give the exact day but as always, we will keep you updated!


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