Beta ending 3 October - Bytesized Hosting

Beta ending 3 October

The dreaded beta expiration date is finally here. On the third of October 11:00 GMT+1 the server will be made ready for production and we will start doing our butler service for those who want to stay and paid for it. All other accounts will be deleted at this point.

I want to thank everybody for their feedback, you guys had a great impact in shaping the setup we now have. This is only the beginning and during the next few months we will be adding more features to Fusion.

I would recommend you don't add any more torrents to prevent H&R's.

When we see the new server stable we will introduce a smaller plan so be sure to keep an eye on Twitter if you are waiting for that.

Thanks again and enjoy your last two days! \o/

Animazing & Maxlazio


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