Move is done, yay \o/ - Bytesized Hosting

Move is done, yay \o/

As you have probably noticed the move away from beta server is done!

New server is called Omega, honouring the late beta server.

The move was not as smooth or short as we hoped it will be but the important thing is that everything was moved.

We tried our best to keep you updated with the progress of the transfer but at some point we had to choose between keeping everyone posted and doing the work. We made a judgement call to actually do the work so we apologise if you think we made a wrong call. Even with all the automatic tools we made for this transfer we had number of steps to do manually which slowed the process down.

Things should be back to running smoothly again, if that is not the case you can always report it either via the chat or by opening a ticket on the Bytesized site.

Let us know if you have any questions or remarks!



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