Downtime on the 24th of October - Bytesized Hosting

Downtime on the 24th of October

Edit 3

Upstream confirmed that a dying disk has shown to bring a server down in this configuration. Since I can't figure out anything else I'm going to consider this the cause.

Edit 2

I still haven't been able to figure out what caused the server to become unresponsive. I've asked for help upstream and hopefully together we can find out more.

If you tried re-installing Plex and you still have no success raise a ticket or mention me in chat and I will try to do it for you!

Edit 1

It seems that because of the crash Plex configurations were damaged on some accounts. If your Plex isn't starting please uninstall and install it. (sometimes for some reason you need to press uninstall twice..) I'm looking into making some kind of contingency plan so this won't happen in the future.


So today we had our first unplanned downtime. It took me a few hours to get everything back online, much longer then you would normally need, because of some left over configuration problems from the Beta.

After I got the server back online I noticed that one disk was no longer visible on the system. I have yet to determine if the disk has died or if there is a problem with the disk controller. I've informed the members on said disk that they should expect that their data was most likely lost.

If the failing disk took the system down, or some other event did that end up causing the disk problems I'm not sure about at this point since I didn't have time to do a proper post-mortem yet.

I'm going to get some sleep now and hopefully find out the cause in the morning, I will report back then.

For now you should be able to get your processes by by restarting them via your Box page.


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