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Welcome new streamers

Today I unleashed a new batch of Streamboxes, to all you new users, welcome!

Normally accounts just drip in one by one but now a whole bunch of them get released at once. I'm sure you all will have loads of questions about the usage of the box. Because of a lot of members will install things at once the installation time can be a bit increased. If you see an installation at stuck this might be a false positive because of the increased installation times. Best is to wait it out a little :)

Luckily already have a lot of Veterans that might be able to help you get started and we also have some good information on the wiki.

The software stack the Streamboxes are using is still quite new and my deployment scripts could be missing some things so if something is not working as you would expect it you can always reach me via the chat (mention me @animazing so I get a notification) and if it's important just raise a ticket and I will get to you as soon as possible.

Last of all, have fun :)


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