[Update] Plex version 9.12.3 - Bytesized Hosting

[Update] Plex version 9.12.3

So over the past two days we learned a few useful things, let me summarise.

  • Secure connections will only be enabled when you properly associate your Plex server to your Plex account.
  • Once you have enabled secure connections connecting directly to your server using the Bytesized hostname and the given port will only work if you specify https instead of http.
  • The certificate will not be 100% valid when connecting through the Bytesized hostname and port when secure connections are enabled. It will only work if you navigate through https://app.plex.tv
  • At this time Android, Roku (Preview app), the web app, Windows, and Plex Home Theater all use secured connections when available.
  • When using one of the supported applications the stream itself will be secured as well, not just the communication between client and server.

Original post

As you probably heard the new Plex with SSL support is out. By the time you are reading this it is probably already possible to upgrade the version on your box.

Once you do you will get an icon next to your server name, like shown here

We do not know what this means still as the information is a bit sparse as to how this all works from Plex side but we will be looking into this in the next few days.


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