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Help requested: New name for the Streambox

A year ago I started writing the new codebase for Bytesized's servers to replace the old "Seedbox" software. The result of this was the creation of the Streambox that prominently featured a Plex instance for every user among other apps. Over the past months the number of supported one-click-apps has grown to 17.

However, this has caused a bit of a dilemma:

  • The name "Streambox" doesn't really fit anymore; a number of people think that Streambox is not suited for them as "they don't stream". Reality is that "Streambox" is much more than just a streaming platform.
  • The term "Seedbox" doesn't apply to the new software. A "Seedbox" was originally made to build loads of buffer and that's it. "Streambox" can still do that but with the new software available it is even useful for people who don't need to build any buffer anymore.
  • Offering new options based on the "Streambox" platform is limited by its name. For example, I'm working on a unlimited bandwidth plan with but it is likely that the hardware won't be able to support Plex. In that case a "Streambox" without streaming is, you will agree, an oxymoron.

In order to dissociate from the "Streaming" name I'm proposing is the following:

  1. The boxes called "Streambox" will remain in action and this will mark the box fully capable for streaming and transcoding.
  2. A new plan will be introduced which will have the ability to run most of the new apps but without the support for streaming. This plan will have unmetered bandwidth.
  3. Bit Boxes / Lunch Boxes will no longer be sold to new members since they run on the old software.

I am unsure how this will affect the usability so I am asking you for an advice:

What are your thoughts on the name change? Do you have any suggestions on the new plan name?

The names we currently have on our list are: Omnibox, Multibox, Flexbox.

If you give us a new name suggestion and we end up picking the name you suggested, you will win a year of free streambox service.


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