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Bytesized Holidays: 2nd-10th of August

Hey guys,

tl;dr: Delayed support responses during the 2nd till 10th of August.

It's that time of year again where Max and I take a week off to reload our batteries so we can survive yet an other year. Normally we make sure we don't go at the same time but somehow we both did booked the same week. Since I'm still the owner this means I drew the short straw and will be bringing my laptop and doing casual support during the week. It's possible that we run out of boxes during this time as I won't be setting up new hardware during this time but I will make sure the website reflects that if that's the case, but for most of you this isn't a concern.

What this further means is that there will be a delayed response to your support questions, hardware still is a number one priority that doesn't change. If you just have a casual question I would like to ask you to postpone it until the 10th so I know which things are a priority.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you guys understand.



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