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Name changes and support recruitment

Hey guys,

Two things today.

First off there will be some cosmetic changes to the plan names soon. In order to make our offers more concise all boxes on the AppBox platform will have AppBox in the name. Most notably the Streambox will be renamed to the AppBox +Stream. This only affects the naming, nothing else changes.

Second; for the first time in Bytesized history I will be trying to recruit to get some more power for support. Recently I've been mostly stuck on maintenance and support work making it hard to build cool new things.

What I'm looking for is quite specific but before going out in the wide world I thought I asked our current members first to see if somebody fits the bill.

I'm currently looking for people to help with tickets and other support queries on freelance basis.

Out of all the requirements for the job the will to really help people is the most important one. Helping people should be part of your nature and this is the trait I will give the most emphasis to. I'm currently looking for two people in two different timezones. Around GMT+1 and one around GMT+8.


  • Communicating and solving member problems via tickets and live chat
  • Updating / creating new wiki pages and/or video tutorials
  • Managing our social media channels


  • Age 21 and up;
  • Linux experience, doesn't have to be in a professional setting, if you use it at home that should be good enough;
  • Familiarity with the applications we offer;
  • Familiarity with private trackers;

Have coding experience is a plus but not required.

If you think you have what it takes then please send me an email at [email protected] and provide the following details:

  • a small cover letter
  • a resume or other proof of experience
  • during which hours you would be available to work each day
  • how many days a week
  • what kind of compensation you are looking for



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