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+Dedi now supports Amazon Cloud Drive

Hey guys,

I just finished up initial support for Amazon Cloud Drive. ACD is a storage solution which promises to offer unlimited storage for a fixed price per year.

All +Dedi plans now have this application available for installation and use their ACD for streaming and backing up media from their boxes.

The reason I can only enable it on the +Dedi plans is twofold:

  1. Their is an insane CPU load that comes with uploading files to ACD. On dedicated servers this is obviously less of a problem.
  2. I need a really small testbase to find out how it works in real production environments.

I always give big warnings with every application I support but in this case I need to make it even a bigger warning, because of the way the code works I might pull the whole app if I fear it would make our core services unstable.

If you are on a +Dedi plan feel free to install the app and follow the instructions displayed once the app is installed and don't forget to leave your feedback in a ticket :)


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