Happy Christmas and a great 2016! - Bytesized Hosting

Happy Christmas and a great 2016!

2015 was an excellent year here at Bytesized. The AppBox was introduced (as the Streambox) together with a whole new website to support it. This new plan and it's accompanying servers were build around trying to give you the best Plex experience possible. I think we mostly succeeded although I recognise there are some parts of the world (Australia, Asia, I'm looking at you) where getting high quality streams is still a struggle. That's why I will try to get some Asian test servers up and running in 2016 to see if we can give a great streaming experience for everybody, regardless of your location.

Plex was not the only app supported, we started out with an handful of useful applications. During the year we continued developing apps and at the time of writing we are already supporting twenty applications. I strongly believe there is no other provider out there that supports this many applications out of the box and we are not done yet. In 2016 we will keep adding more applications so keep voting and suggesting through the features page..

An other exciting feature for 2016 is full SSL support with signed certificates for all applications. Thanks to the great work of letsencrypt.org we finally have the means to secure all our applications via SSL. Max has been working very hard making sure this feature will see the light in 2016. There are some technical limitations because of the volume we require to make this work but letsencrypt says this will all be solved in the future. When they do, expect to see more green locks when using Bytesized.

We also welcomed two new supporters; Alchemist and Tomosaki. Their support makes it possible for us to answer your questions even faster then before and their fresh blood will provide a new take on things here at Bytesized.

Bytesized is made possible thanks to our members, so thank you for a great year. As always we welcome your feedback and suggestions so feel free to leave them in the comments.

Happy Christmas and a happy new year!


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