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New format for app links

Hey guys,

We've been working on making links for applications prettier and easier to remember.

Current situation is that if you need to connect to the applications webui, eg. Deluge, you need to connect to an address in the format of To connect to web interface ruTorrent you would need to visit This was not easy to remember and was confusing many of our users.

As a part of the preparation to make all apps available via HTTPS and using a SSL certificate everywhere we are changing how you can access apps.

From today most applications are available on address in the format of For example, for Deluge this would be New format will be shown in application details box under Link and the older format under `Alternative Link.

Few exceptions to this change are: Pyload, PlexPy and Plex and applications without webui. Plex runs via HTTPS internally so for now we chose not to work on it as Plex has a very complex internal url structure. Another important thing is that this is only applicable on the Appbox platform.


In order to load the app on the new address it is necessary to restart the application. Old urls are still available so if you don't want to, you don't have to use the new format.


You can access your apps webui using an easy to remember url( Only applicable on the Appbox platform. Restart your app to load the new configuration. No action necessary if you want to use your old urls.


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