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Alpha testers needed!

Hey guys,

Today I want to invite you all to help me test out the performance of a new service type I'm testing.

The accounts make smart use of large traditional HDDs combined with SSD for a performance boost, combining the best of both worlds. It will also enable me to offer dynamically scaling plans and smaller base plans.

In order to test the disk performance in this setup I will slowly give out free accounts over a few weeks time. Every day more slots will be added so if they are sold out now check back later for a fresh batch.

The plans come with 150GB of space, 350GB of traffic and 4 CPU cores for Plex. The test will probably take a week or two, this might change.

There are a couple of reasons the accounts are free but mainly to compensate for the fact that things might blow up horribly. Please don't download important data on these alpha accounts and look out for possible H&R scenarios. By signing up for an account you also acknowledge I can bother you to get your feedback when the tests have concluded.

*EDIT Phase one has ended :)

Please note that you need an active account in order to partake in the testing, this is mostly so you can compare the performance against our normal plans.

Oh and don't try to sign-up twice, things will just crash ;)




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