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Meet the Bytesized Telegram bot

Sometimes after a day of making sure the servers don't burn down, hacking some custom startup scripts to make certain apps behave after their crappy update code made it crash again (yes, looking at you Jackett) and helping people whip their Plex into shape you feel like doing something completely different.

That's why yesterday I build something quite fun: We now have our own Telegram bot: The Bytesized Bot. Telegram for those who don't know is a (encrypted) messaging app with support for bots. With this bot you can manage some aspects of your Bytesized account on the go.

With the box you can...

Check your renew dates.

Check your storage and bandwidth.

Or even download a torrent if you have an Appbox with the Deluge app installed.

To try it out just start a conversation on Telegram with @BytesizedBot. This bot comes with no warranty or official support so don't blame me if it eats your firstborn.

Have fun.


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