The new +Stream hosted by... Bytesized - Bytesized Hosting

The new +Stream hosted by... Bytesized


Today I finally get to announce something we have been working on the past few months; new +Stream plans hosted on our own hardware.

Over the last seven years we have always counted on our hosting partners to supply us with servers and networking, however over time our unique demands made it harder and harder to stay relevant with 'off the rack' servers. The hardware we have bought ourselves is especially tailored for our +Stream plans: they come equipped with the latest generation of powerful CPUs, enterprise hard drives and a 10Gbit connection by default.

For the network we partnered up with the guys over at We have been testing their network for over a year now and we are really happy with the results. Their unique rerouting feature already changed the streaming experience for a lot of our members who suffered from a poor streaming experience on Leaseweb's network. Having the power to choose your own route is a life-saver. We want to specifically thank Lemon for all help the last few months, he made it really easy for us to get up and running on the Feral network.

Meet the new Appbox +Stream plans:

So without further ado here are the new plans:

15 EUR: +Stream 1, 1TB storage, 3TB bandwidth, 5 Plex cores (3 EUR cheaper, 50% increased bandwidth)

30 EUR: +Stream 2, 2TB storage, 6TB bandwidth, 7 Plex cores (2 EUR cheaper, 50% increased bandwidth)

45 EUR: +Stream 3, 3TB storage, 9TB bandwidth, 8 Plex cores (2 EUR cheaper, 50% increased bandwidth)

There are also two new variations:

22 EUR: +Stream 1.5, 1.5TB storage, 4.5TB bandwidth, 6 Plex cores

75 EUR: +Stream 5, 5TB storage, 15TB bandwidth, 10 Plex cores

The old +Stream

The current +Stream plans will be turned into the +Stream (Legacy) plan. We will still sell and support it. People who are already hosted on our own hardware will be automagically upgraded to this new plan. We are rolling out offers to all Legacy plans to be upgraded to the new plan, see the latest news post.

Frequently asked questions

Q: My account has not been upgraded.

A: You are not on a Bytesized server or you are on the 500GB plan which is not possible on the new hardware.

Q: Why can't you offer these plans on Leaseweb?

A: Leaseweb does not offer the required hardware at reasonable enough pricing. We are stuck with what they offer against prices they set.

Q: Will +Dedi also be hosted by you guys at one point?

A: I don't know yet. It's not as easy. The thing is that +Dedi's go out of style real quick and require a lot more overhead compared to shared servers. I don't want to end up with a lot of hardware I can't use anymore in two years time. Every +Dedi needs a management port, it needs a switch ports all these things add to the price. The only real benefit would be more affordable 10Gbit bandwidth. I don't expect the +Dedi plan on our hardware any time soon.

In closing

We are really excited about this new chapter we started with the flexible +Elastic and now the brand new +Stream and we can't wait to see how the rest is written.

We would have never been able to do this without your continued support from you guys and for that I thank you <3



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