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+Elastic going offline

This is a copy of the email as sent to all members on the +Elastic plan.

Today I come with some sad news. I've decided not to extend the +Elastic plan after the Beta phase that's ending on the 1th of October 2016.

At the beginning of this year we set out to create the plan that could be tweaked to everybodies unique specifications and that had redudancy build in so your data would always be secure.

Sadly the performance of the plan was just not up to our standards. During the beta phase of the +Elastic we've seen some good but also bad performance. I managed to improve performance marginally over the past few months but not enough to feel pride when offering this plan. Some of you will agree that at times it was hard to just use this one box.

Even though the +Elastic plan is going offline the idea of flexible plans is not going away. We will offer CPU and Bandwidth boosts on our +Stream plan and we will be offering some kind of 'add-on' storage on our +Stream plans in the future as well.

You can auto-migrate your account to one of our +Stream or +Unmetered boxes by going to your box dashboard and pressing the blue "Auto-migrate" button.

If you take no action before the 31st of September your box will be pro-rated to this date and deleted.


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