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Deluge SSL problems

Update 4:

The problem should be solved now. Please let us know if you are still having issues.

Update 3:

It appears the problem is confined to iptorrents. If you have this problem and don't use this tracker please raise a ticket as soon as possible.

Update 2:

Please make sure you disable "Use SSL for tracker announce" on your tracker if they have the option if the previous fix does not fix it for you.

Update 1:

Still no luck getting closer to the cause. I did just add a button to the Deluge "actions" panel that should fix the issue.

There is now a button to fix any stuck Deluge daemon that has https trackers added.


Hey guys,

We have been encountering a lot of issues with Deluge over the last couple of days. We have narrowed it down to a problem with SSL trackers. It seems that any Deluge with torrents using https trackers has a chance of not booting after a restart. The temporary solution is not using https if you can omit it, if you already have a Deluge that won't boot you can use the command killall -9 deluged ; sed -ibakup "s/https/http/g" ~/.config/deluge/state/torrents.state to swap out all https to http urls but this is not guaranteed to work for all possible URLs and comes with no warranty.

We suspect that the latest round of libssl security fixes is to blame somehow but we haven't proven this theory just yet. We are trying to reach out to the Deluge developers to see if there is a permanent fix for this issue and we will keep you posted.



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