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Rerouting tool offline - Update

21th of November 10:00 GMT+1: It seems the rerouting tool is back online

Hi guys,

as some of you might have already noticed, there are some issues with our rerouting tool.


As you might know, servers owned by Bytesized (all Appbox +Stream plans are on our own hardware, not legacy ones) are using network. This allows us to leverage their "Rerouting tool" tool to allow each user experiencing routing issues to select an alternative connection path to our servers.

Rerouting tool

The rerouting tool is not working correctly at the moment. This is the case for both the manual action by going to the rerouting website and also for the automatic script you might have been previously using. The automatic tool will print the result like it worked correctly but so far I have no reason to believe this is actually doing something.

ETA on the problem resolution

On Friday, Feral experienced some unfortunate problems and all their attention is focused on getting these problems resolved. Sadly, this means that the rerouting tool is very low on their priority list. I have no reason to believe that this issue will be resolved before the end of the month so I cannot give a time estimate on when it will be fixed. We will announce once the tool is fixed.

I am asking for a bit of patience from your side while the issue is resolved.

Thanks for understanding!



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