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Switch from acd_cli to Rclone

Rclone has also been banned from Amazon Cloud Drive. For now, no option seems to be available for connecting to Cloud Drive.

Old news item: It seems that there are currently issues with the acd_cli application. See https://github.com/yadayada/acd_cli/pull/562#issuecomment-301334440 and https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20170514004119/https://github.com/yadayada/acd_cli/issues/549.

I recommend you stop using it as of this moment and switch to rclone until they solve their issues.

To do this install the VNC app if you have not yet. Open a terminal and type 'rclone config'. Choose 'n' and pick a name such as 'acd' choose '1' and press 'enter' twice followed by 'y'. A browser should pop-up use it to login to your Amazon account, it's possible Amazon wil send you a two-factor code to your email. Afterwards press "Okay" in the browser. Go back to the terminal and press "y". You can now mount your cloud_drive using rclone mount acd:/ ~/cloud_drive &. Replace acd with the name you picked earlier.

Your content should now be visible in ~/cloud_drive. If you get an error during mount ensure your previous connection was unloaded properly using fusermount -u ~/cloud_drive.


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