New feature: Custom domains - Bytesized Hosting

New feature: Custom domains


In March I launched our initially support for secure http connections via wildcard certificates on all our +Stream plans. I also made a promise at that point to support custom domains so you could bring your own domains to the Bytesized Appbox lines and get SSL on servers that don't support our wildcard certificates.

Today I am happy to announce initial support for custom domains is here. With this new feature you can reach our supported apps on your own subdomains and even better we will automatically request and install SSL/TLS certificates for your custom domain name.

To get started navigate to the Appbox you want to add a custom domain to and find the new button at the top right that reads "Custom Domains" press the "Add Domain" button in the top right and follow the instructions.

As always for new features please let us know if you run into any bugs via a ticket (not in the comments) so we can help you out.

If you have any recommendations for DNS/domain providers please let other members know via the comments :)




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