[Action required] Reroute if you have Plex issues on +Stream - Bytesized Hosting

[Action required] Reroute if you have Plex issues on +Stream

Edit 11th of August 18:00 GMT+1

We received a word from Feral that the situation with the network should be stabilising from here on.

Edit 3rd of August 21:40 GMT+1

Rrerouting page was online and receiving input but in the background it didn't do much. It should be reactive once again. Please try using it once again.

Edit 3rd of August 20:20 GMT+1

We have a report of more issues with most routes available. We are on the direct line with the network provider.

Edit 1st of August 21:45 GMT+1

Rerouting page is back online.

Edit 1st of August 20:30 GMT+1

Rerouting page is down, I contact our upstream provider and they assume it will be back in an hour or two.

Original message


This is a message for +Stream users.

I just got word from our upstream provider that they have done an internal overhaul of their network according to them this means traffic might be going over different ISPs compared to previous routes. In some cases this means a reroute is required to get previous experienced Plex quality or transfer speed back.

To figure out which route to use do the following:

  • Go to https://bytesized-hosting.com/speedtest and ensure you selected the Bytesized Datacenter
  • Do the speedtest and note the result
  • Go to the reroute page and select one of the other routes
  • Repeat the speedtest and note the result
  • Repeat this until you found the fastest route

If after this the speed is still not what you had experienced previously please raise a ticket with the following details:

  • ISP
  • Location
  • IP
  • Previous average speed

We will collect the data and hand it over upstream.



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