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An update on SSL

Hi people!

A year ago we launched wildcard SSL certificates for our most popular plan. We explained our journey and how we ended up having to buy wildcard certificates since LetsEncrypt! was not ready to issue wildcard certificates just yet. We also added custom domains where everybody could get full SSL on their own domains for free.

There is good news and there is some temporarily bad news. The good news is that LetsEncrypt! officially build a standard to issue wildcard SSL certificates, the bad news is that the feature was delayed for a few days. The official planning was that the feature would be ready before our current SSL certificates expire, sadly because of the delay this is no longer the case. Because of this there will be a few days, until LetsEncrypt! release the new wildcard feature, where the SSL certificates are expired and therefor you are not protected from man in the middle attacks. Custom domains will stil work with fully valid certificates during this time.

Once LetsEncrypt! releases the new wildcard feature we will be able to bring wildcard certificates to all our plans, something that was infeasible last year.

Expect an other update shortly! :)



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