News round-up - Bytesized Hosting

News round-up

Hi peoples,

I hope everybody is being safe and staying inside as much as they can during these crazy times. I wanted to give a few updates on things over at Bytesized.

Bytesized always has been a remote company, we don't have a central office and already worked from home so nothing really changed there. We do notice the effects of Covid-19 though, mostly because the supply-chain for server (parts) slowed down. We are also dealing with the whole family being home all the time which can be distracting. The whole ordeal is slowing down our development plans for all new projects but existing services should be unaffected.

I've added a new room to our Discord (#off-topic-hangout) for people that are in (self)-isolation and just want to chat and hangout a bit. I will try to organise a few fun things as well if there is any demand for it. So feel free to hangout there if you want to chat a bit.

Lastly I want to give a warning to a very small percentage of our users (less than 1%) the resellers and other account abusers, it's always been against the tos to share or resell your Bytesized account (Bytesized is for personal use only) but up until today we handled those on a case-by-case basis. Starting the 25th of March we will actively start suspending people that have more than ten active accounts within a 24 hour period on +Stream 1 plans. It's fine if you have a friend or two to share your library with but we have started to see more and more people that share/sell access in one form or another.

Please get a dedicated server if you belong to the group mentioned above so you don't bother other members who do keep to the rules.

Let's end with some positive news; the datacenter migration went really well! We only had one minor hick-up when we left one part behind in the old datacenter that we really needed to ensure the network could come online again. That increased the migration with about 40 minutes but we still managed to complete well under the day we expected. I think all in all it took around 8 hours which I think is quite nice. For those that did not see it yet there is a compensation button for people who were affected during the migration on your box's dashboard.

As always we are here for you, if you need an extension, help with your account or anything else just raise a ticket or come find us on Discord.



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