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Celebrating 10 years of Bytesized

Honestly, I did not think I would ever write this. When I started Bytesized 10 years ago it was mostly just a fun hobby, something that allowed me to write some cool code and interact with servers in fun new ways. I had no clue I would be writing this 10, almost 11, years later.

But now the time has come and Bytesized is ten years old, time for celebrations! There are two parts of this celebration, one for our existing members and one for new members. First off, new members, tell your friends!

A special deal for new members

We bought and installed fresh servers this week so that we could welcome some new members, as some of our older members might know we had a stop for the longest time because we were happy with our size. Now that we moved datacenter there was a bit more room for expansion. New users can try out our most popular plan, the +Stream 1 and get three months of service for just 14 EUR. After the initial three month period it will automatically change into our normal +Stream plan for 14 EUR/month. So go tell your friends and help us grow our little community! Visit the special celebration page here for more details.

Rewarding our current members

Now for the trickiest part, our loyal current members. It always stings me personally that new users are always the ones that end up getting a good deal while users that have been here for years are stuck with nothing. (looking at you Spotify and Netflix) From a business standpoint it all makes perfect sense; discounting new users is an investment and easy to measure. Rewarding your existing members is just a money pit without any measureable effect. However we feel that the only way to make sure you realise we really value all you guys, girls and Apache-Helicopters is actually giving you the option of getting some gifts yourself as well. That's why we will gift all members with an active account befire the 7th of September 1 EUR for each year Bytesized has been in business (10 EUR Quick Maths). You can use that to buy yourself a Flex Disk, a bandwidth boost or pay your next month of service. And before anybody asks, no you can't refund this money to Paypal to buy beer ;)

A round of applause for...

Lastly I need to thank a couple of people that were instrumental to Bytesized over the last ten years in no particular order.

BigSB's Mike: Without him I would have not have known about high performance servers at all.

bG Staff: For allowing me to soft-launch on their forums.

ps: Without his amazing (Linux) skills I would not have had the required knowledge to pull off launching that first server in 2009.

Max: For giving Bytesized fresh energy and helping me run the day-to-day when things started to grow. Taking Bytesized from a hobby to a real business.

Lemon: For helping us (a competitor) when we switched to hosting our own hardware.

Alchemist: For being our steady rock in the never-ending sea of support.

Tomosaki: For helping out with support while the EU team is sleeping the night away.

Our early day IRC community: From the top of my head: Aoi, Betrayed, MountainPenguin, Petllama, Jeci, Kaine, Eteris and all others that made such a fun community of friends in the early days.

And lastly Pete who will carry the legacy of Bytesized into the next ten years.

In closing

As always we've managed to stay relevent these past ten years because of the great feedback of our community (and our action to this feedback of course ;). So if there is anything you would like to see at Bytesized feel free to send us a ticket or chat with us on Discord and don't forget you can always submit and vote on features on our feature page.

Thank you for reading this, for being part of the Bytesized community and hopefully you will still be here in ten years to celebrate our 20 years!

Animazing and the Bytesized Team


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