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Incessive increase in bandwidth usage, Cloud drive changes


We've been noticing a major increase in bandwidth usage and the cause of it is our members moving data between cloud drives. Every TB of data that is being transferred is firstly being downloaded and then uploaded. Please stop using our services to move data, it is not what our Appboxes are intended for and we have the right to suspend your account. There are companies / services specified in moving data in moving data between cloud drives please look into those. We value our members and we want to give you some background here.

For years Google drive has been offering this amazing absurd plan with unlimited storage, someone woke up and they are now limiting this plan and are increasing prices. Our support team noticed that our members started moving to Dropbox which are now also limiting space and increasing pricing. This is not because these companies are being mean big corporate companies that just want more money it is simply because they never meant for these plans to be used as single person media libraries.

I'll start with a small simple example. Most data centres are filled with 4u servers fitting 36 disks. Right now the cost combined for these type of servers is around 25k EUR depending on the amounts of discount you are able to get. In my example I've used 18tb disks so the total storage space (RAID 0) would be 36 x 18TB = 648TB, I'm pretty sure that Google and Dropbox have some kind of RAID setup in place which would cut storage space down significantly. With a RAID 5 setup that would already be reduced to 486TB.

Let's be ignorant and say that whenever you have a 100tb library you can cut costs in proportion. That would already be an initial purchase cost of 5k EUR, no monthly costs are in there. If you are on a 30-50 EUR plan it would already take these companies years to make some money out of you. If you are wondering what monthly costs would be, think of energy prices (super high since Ukrainian war), bandwidth prices, data centre prices, rack renting prices etc.

What I am trying to say here is that searching for other companies than dropbox or google is useless as what they were offering was just totally insane, it doesn't exist, any company other than google would go bankrupt. Please start accepting that storage space costs money somewhere between 4-8 EUR / TB is a reasonable price anything below that is not.

We are writing this message as we don't want to increase our Appbox prices because of a limited amount of members that are consuming excessive amounts of bandwidth. We didn't like watching the switch from Gdrive to Dropbox and are now afraid that data might be moved for a third time and perhaps even more in the future. Let's keep our environment friendly and think again when moving files.


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