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Aethernal Capsule updates

Latest Aethernal Agent Version: 0.5.0


Support Ubuntu 20.04


Update jackett to the latest version.


Pin Rutorrent to a specific version, the newest docker image is broken.


Containerd is broken in the latest docker version, so we've pinned docker to a working version.

0.4.3 - 0.4.5

small updates


Added JDownloader as supported app.


Fixes issues where some apps would not always start-up on Capsule reboots, new installations of these apps will fix the issue. Apps installed before 0.4.1 might still not start properly at boot.


Initial support for the aa-cli application. Manage your apps without having to remember systemctl commands.

  aa-cli services help [COMMAND]  # Describe subcommands or one specific subcommand
  aa-cli services list            # Lists all available user services and their status.
  aa-cli services restart APP     # restart the supplied application via systemd
  aa-cli services start APP       # start the supplied application via systemd
  aa-cli services start-all       # Start all systemd managed applications
  aa-cli services status APP      # get the status of the supplied application via systemd
  aa-cli services stop APP        # stop the supplied application via systemd

Website updates

Week 50

  • Bandwidth will now only be counted from devices that are publicly exposed, before all devices, even local veth devices used for Docker were being counted. This resulted in outgoing bandwidth being counted double. Bandwidth usage has also been reset.
  • Fix an issue where some events like resizing disks or reinstalling Capsules could time out and get Capsules in a stuck state.
  • Added an overview of your Disk and Capsule modifications.
  • Added various Capsule options to the main menu.
  • Added the option to (un)mount an added disk from a Capsule.
  • Now show the amount of RAM when up-/down-grading a Capsule.

Week 49

  • Add monthly price to the Capsule show page so you can see what your current Capsule is going to cost.
  • Reworked the way disk upgrades are handled so that there are more resilient and give members more information about what will happen during an upgrade.
  • When custom domains are added change all the domains to https by default.
  • Make it clear when an app is undergoing an action and display the the date an app status has been last updated.

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