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So you want to move your existing Filebot wrappers to Olaris Rename? Great, let's do it!

Please use a proper text editor if you edit the files on Windows such as Notepad++ or the script might not run anymore.


Open the file ~/.config/deluge/ with a text editor.

Look for the line

cmd = ("filebot -script fn:amc -non-strict --def ut_kind=multi --log all --log-file amc.log --def ut_dir=\"%s/%s\" " % (sys.argv[3], sys.argv[2]) + ' '.join(filebotOptions))

and replace it with

cmd = ("olaris-rename --log-to-file=true --verbose=true --skip-extracting=false --filepath=\"%s/%s\" " % (sys.argv[3], sys.argv[2]))

Please take extra care of the spaces in front. This is a Python script which is ident sensitive make sure you put exactly as many spaces as the old command. Once it's done it should look like this.

Filebot to Olaris Deluge


Open the file ~/.config/rtorrent/filebot with a text editor.

Look for the line

filebot -script fn:amc --def music=$MUSIC --def skipExtract=$SKIP_EXTRACT -non-strict --encoding utf8 --def ut_kind=multi --log all --log-file amc.log --def "ut_dir=$TORRENT_PATH" "ut_title=$TORRENT_NAME" --output "$HOME/media" --action symlink --conflict override --def subtitles=$SUBLANG --def artwork=false --def extractfolder="$HOME/torrents/extracted"

and replace it with

olaris-rename --log-to-file=true --verbose=true --filepath="$TORRENT_PATH" --skip-extracting=false

If you don't want files to extract you can also change the last false to true.

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