Cloudflare - Bytesized Hosting Wiki

To setup your custom domain with Cloudflare do the following.

In the following example will be the domain name, server will be the subdomain making the complete DNS entry.

  1. Setup your main domain,, on Cloudflare.
  2. Create a record for the chosen subdomain, in our example server, and point it to the server IP you can find on the right side of your box page. Make sure the proxy status is set to "DNS only".
  3. Add the domain to your Bytesized Box by going to "Box options" -> "Manage domains" and then "Add domain".
  4. Once your domain has been succesfully added to back to Cloudflare, edit your DNS record for "server" and set the proxy status to "Proxied" (orange icon).
  5. Everything should be setup and be proxied through Cloudflare.

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