Frequently Asked Questions

What counts towards my bandwidth limit

All upload generated by the server from your account counts. Torrents, Plex and downloading to your home for instance.

Any download to the box does not count.

What happens when I go over my upload limit

Your box gets limited to 200kb/s upload until you hit 200GB over your quota at which point your box will disabled until you buy a bandwidth boost or your reset date is hit.

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes! There is always a way to achieve this.

If you see this message

Upgrade notice

It means you can upgrade your account in-place on the same harddisk. This takes a few minutes.

If that message is not visible you can still upgrade but we will have to move you to an other server which will take a few hours depending on how much storage you are using. It's always recommended to clean up before a migration to shorten the time it takes to move. With a migration all config and apps are taken with you.

Can I share my AppBox +Stream?

tl;dr: It's not against the rules persé but the experience might not be what we intended. If you want to do more then three transcodes at the same time look elsewhere.

With the Streambox CPU is actually a valuable resources again. To make sure one user doesn't bring the whole server down we had to limit CPU usage per box. You should have enough to transcode one or two high quality 1080p movie but if you start doing more streams your cores need to do a lot more work. This might cause stuttering. During other times it might work fine it's just not something we can guarantee. In fact we would like to ask you not to share your box because of this reason.

Using multiple "direct-streams" though is fine. When using a direct-stream the CPU remains untouched and only bandwidth is a resource that's being used and we have plenty of that. It's just that you need a Plex app that supports direct-streams and you need to be close enough to the servers so that the latency allows it.

How far does the support for all the apps you have available go?

We are responsible for making sure the apps are installed and that they are setup with a secure username and password. To make it easy we support a sane default installation so most apps work out of the box. For instance by default Sickrage will automatically add torrents it downloads to Deluge or rTorrent, Plex will by default look for content in the media folder. However you are free to configure all the applications anyway you would like. This is where our support ends though; the applications should run and be restartable but any client configuration you do is yours to support.

Where are the boxes physically located?

We have multiple locations of our servers: Luxembourg and The Netherlands, France. The company itself is located in the Netherlands and under its jurisdiction.

What methods of payment do you support?

Currently, we support payment via Paypal and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin among others.

Is my box IP just mine?

On our managed plans you share your IP. Some trackers have very clear rules about IP sharing so you should always check all tracker rules when you get your account. Most of the time a simple statement in your profile should suffice.

On our virtual servers you get a dedicated IP.

How can I get support?

The quickest way to get support is most likely [ IRC]. During daytime GMT+1 someone is usually idling around there, we might not reply instantly but if you highlight one of the admins we will get back to you. If we aren’t there see if there is anybody with voice in the channel. We give voice to people who we believe are knowledgeable about our services, clients or bittorrent in general. Here is a link to a webbased IRC client so you can contact us without setting up IRC client. Tickets are the main-way to get support, if there is nobody lurking around IRC you should create a ticket. Public tickets can be viewed and answered by all our members so there is more chance to get a quick answer. Private tickets are for billing issues and the likes.

What details do you log

We need to keep a permanent record of your email and country for tax purposes in our own database, our website also logs the last known IP on each login. On our server we log the last IP login over SSH and FTP. These details get wiped monthly. We don't log OpenVPN logins/traffic nor VNC logins.

Do you offer Trial accounts?

No we don’t. There was too much abuse in the past. We do however have a 48 hour refund policy so if you are unhappy you can get your money back.

How often does the website update the storage quota?

The website updates the storage quota every 20 minutes. If you want to see your current quota right away you can open a terminal through VNC or ssh and type quota.

Can I get root access on my AppBox?

No. Only our VPS plans come with root access.

Can I get a custom +Dedi server?

Most likely: No.

The reason why the +Dedi server are affordable is because I can order them in batches pushing the price down. Any custom server won't have this benefit and would therefor be much more expensive. The other reason is that the margins on the +Dedi servers are really thin. Which is not a problem when you have a market to quickly rent them out to a new member which I have for all stock plans. However since there is no channel to rent out custom +Dedi servers this ends up hurting me financially and any profit made in a year can be lost in not being able to rent it out for one month.

Can I use CPU or GPU's to mine for cryptocurrency on a shared box?

No. This uses resources which intrude with other users on the box. This includes the returned Appbox Elastic which can boost to 8 cores. This CPU power flexibility is mean't for transcoding purposes so there's enough resources for everyone on the box.

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