Fixing Unable To Load Download Clients In The *.Arr's - Bytesized Hosting Wiki

If you encounter the issue in Sonarr,Radarr,Prowlarr etc where you can not add a download client due to a red box saying " Unable to load download clients" Do the following

1) Ssh into your server

2) Stop the application with ( ~/.shutdown/xxxx) <- This is case sensitive e.g. sonarr

3) run the command (sqlite3 .config/xxx/xxxx.db)

4) once in sqlite run (DELETE FROM DownloadClients WHERE ID = 1; )

5) start the application again with (~/.startup/xxxx)



sqlite3 .config/Sonarr/sonarr.db

DELETE FROM DownloadClients WHERE ID = 1;

enter exit in the command line or press CTRL + C


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