Flexdisks: Flexible, On The Fly, Storage


The Flex Disk is a network attached storage disk that you can add to one or multiple Appbox +Stream boxes. It enables you to add storage in a flexible way, starting from 50GB up to multiple terrabytes. It's priced at 6 cent per 10GB with a 0.50 EUR base cost. For instance 200GB of storage would cost you 0.50 EUR + (200GB * 0.006 EUR) = 1.7 EUR.

By adding Flex Disk to your +Stream box you can increase your total storage without having to upgrade to the next plan.

Flex Disks are ideal for long time storage as they work very well for streaming Plex content.

Because of the current i/o limitations you can only move files onto the Flex Disk, not download directly into them. This is why at this point torrent clients and the likes are not allowed to directly access the disk.


To get started with a Flex Disk navigate to your box and select Add Flex Disk. Select the size of the disk you want to add. Once the new invoice has been paid your Flex Disk will be deployed and your Plex upgraded to support your disk.

A new folder will show up called flexdisk, moving files onto this folder will remove them from your disk (freeing up space there) and count them against your Flex Disk quota instead.

Once you moved files to your Flex Disk you probably want to run Filebot on the files so Plex can find them on the Flex Disk. You can do this by navigating to your Flex Disk in the menu and using Actions followed by Run Filebot.


Fequently Asked Questions

Q: On which plans can I use the Flex Disk?

A: On all Appbox +Stream plans hosted by Bytesized.

Q: Can I automatically copy my content after a download?

A: Yes you can with our Deluge plugin. In any recent Deluge installation the Bytesized plugin should be auomatically installed. Open your Deluge preferences, navigate to "Bytesized" and enable "Copy files to Flexdisk". If you only want to copy certain media and not others setup a Label via the whitelist or blacklist options. If you leave those empty all content will be copied.

Q: Are there any plans to roll it out to any other plans.

A: No, the +Stream plan will be the only plan that will support Flex Disks.

Q: Can I add my Flex Disk to multiple +Stream boxes?

A: Yes, your Flex Disk can be shared across multiple +Stream boxes. It's a great way to share content between multiple accounts.

Q: Can I resize my Flex Disk on the fly?

A: Yes you can resize your disk at any time, a new invoice that will calculate the difference will be created when you do.

Q: How can I move my content to my Flex Disk?

A: There are tons of ways of achieving this. You can use the Filemanager inside of VNC if you want an easy to use interface which also shows you a progress bar of the transfer. Filebrowser is an other option, just with a small caveat that you have to copy the file to the Flexdisk and then remove the original one. Don't use FTP clients.

Q: Can I download my torrents directly on my Flex Disk?

A: No.

Q: Can I seed torrents from my Flex Disk?

A: No.

Q: Are the Flex Disks backed by a form of disk redundancy?

A: Yes, the Flex Disks use a 7+2 RAID-6.

Q: What happens if I don't pay?

A: You will have a 14 day grace period to move your files elsewhere, if still not paid after the 14 days your Flex Disk will be deleted.

** NOTE **

Seeding from Flexdisk or Downloading to Flexdisk will get you suspended. If this happens multiple times your account will get terminated.

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