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Name: FlexGet

Website: http://flexget.com

Added on: 21th of August 2014

Version management

Latest version, updated daily.


FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for content like torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics, series, movies, etc. It can use different kinds of sources like RSS-feeds, html pages, csv files, search engines and there are even plugins for sites that do not provide any kind of useful feeds.

Change log

7th of October 2014

Added the option to test your configuration and see the output of the test via the web-interface. Press the "Test config" and after a minute or so refreshing the page should show the result.

28th of August 2014

Added Deluge version sourcing in Flexget load path so that Deluge plugin might work.

Getting started

  • Install the FlexGet app via your Box page.
  • Press "Configuration manager" once the app is installed.


  • This should bring you to a code editor where you can edit your config.
  • "Save" will save the config on the website "Save & Sync" will save it locally and then update your config on your server and restart the Flexget daemon.
  • You can load and save previous versions of your config by pressing the links on the bottom right.
  • All configs need a scheduele block as defined on the right side. Crontab is not supported unless you set it up yourself.

  • This link will provide you with examples of what not to do while configuring. http://flexget.com/wiki/Configuration

Please note that if you make changes on the server these will be overwritten when you sync from the website.

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