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Flexget configuration help

Flexget configs are made up of YAML. It might seem a little overwhelming at first but it's actually very easy. Let's take a look at an example.

Basic example
  - tasks: '*'
      minutes: 5
    rss: https://sitename.com/rss
    accept_all: yes
    download: ~/torrents/watch/

The example above defines two things. A schedule that tells when to check for updates, any config needs this, and the tasks to run.

The example above is one of the simplest examples and expects that the site you use already has a rss feed that you customised so no further filtering is needed.

Let's explain each part.

  • mysite is just a label that can be anything.
  • rss is the url to the rss feed you want to check.
  • accept_all tells to download any entry in the rss file and no filtering is needed.
  • download tells where to download the entries to. We point to the watch folder so a torrent client automatically adds them.
Series example
  task name:
    rss: http://example.com/torrents.xml
      - pioneer one
      - some series
    download: ~/torrents/watch

Here is an other basic example where we filter the feed after the fact. Here we only want to download new episodes of Pioneer one.

Other examples

The Flexget wiki has a lot of different recipes that should help you build your config files.

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