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Free Download Manager

Setting up Free Download Manager


To get the latest release click here

You can find other versions on their website

  1. Start of by going to Options->Settings
    box panel

  2. Proceed to Downloads->Network and copy the settings below box panel

  3. Now move over to Download->New Download box panel

  4. These settings might need some tweaking depending on how large the files are you normally download. The larger the files the larger your sections should be. As baseline you can use the settings below. box panel

That should be it, setting wise.


  1. Press the little >> signs here
    box panel

  2. Now copy your details in the following format: ftp://myname:[email protected] . Now make sure you edit in the appropriate details.
    box panel

  3. Now press enter or "go" and you should be ready to rock!

It pays to play with the settings a bit, if you don't max out your connection make sure you are using 20 segments.

Also realise that it takes a bit of time to reserve the space on your harddisk before the segments start working. You can view the log to see when it starts all segments.

Have fun!

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