Connect Over Ftp With File Zilla

box panel FTP with Filezilla

Connecting to your box with FTP should be a breeze, just follow this guide.

Generate settings

  • Start off from your Bytesized account by following these screenshots:
  1. Click on the Dashboard

  2. Select Details (Process is the same regardless of the account type) box panel

  3. Click Config generators at the top right corner.

  4. Under Filezilla section, choose Generate Config.

  5. Select Save file, remember where the config file is downloaded and press Ok. box panel

  6. Now open FileZilla on your machine and at the top left click on File and then choose Import.
    box panel

  7. Navigate to the folder where you saved the xml file in and click on Open. box panel

  8. A new pop-up should open and ask you which settings you would like to import. box panel

  9. if you have followed the steps you should now have a ByteSized entry in your “Site Manager”. NOTE If you rather want to use SFTP under Protocol select SFTP.
    box panel

  10. Go to Edit and select Settings. box panel

    1. One thing you should do is up the max amount of simultaneous transfers to something like 6.
      box panel

Quick connect

If you just need to get one file quickly from your box you can use most browsers to connect to your box.

  • Go to your Account Details and click on FTP Web-link

box panel

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