Having Problems With An App? How To Fix Problems With My App? App Won't Start - Bytesized Hosting Wiki

This is where things get interesting, and honestly if pressing the restart button is not gonna fix your issue further investigation is necessary. If you do not have linux knowledge I'd recommend opening a ticket here https://bytesized-hosting.com/tickets/new

If you do have Linux knowledge we recommend trying to manually start the application. We keep all startup files in the ~/.startup folder find the one from your app of choice extract the startup command from it tweak it where it doesn't run in daemon mode.

Usually the actual issue will be shown and most of the times the issue is that the port is already in use. If this is the case please raise a ticket on our website as we need to change the port number on the website as well and this is not something our members have access to.

If some other issue shows up we recommend trying to find a solution online or ask us on Discord or in a ticket.

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