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How to connect ZNC to XChat

ZNC is very useful becouse it logs chat on XChat even when IRC is not turned on so you won´t miss all the important stuff .

Here is a guide on how to properly setup your ZNC for XChat.

Table of Contents

First you will have to setup ZNC then XChat in that order.


  • Go to Your Settings as shown below:


  • Under IRC Information fill out following using your IRC Username:

Nickname: Username

Alt. Nickname: Username_


  • After you fill out the information go to bottom of your page and press Save and return.


  • Under Networks press Add:


  • Under Network info fill out the following

Network Name: Bytesized

Nickname: Username

Alt. Nickname: Username_

  • Also make sure to check Active: Connect to IRC & automatically re-connect:


Servers of this IRC network: 6667

  • After you are finished make sure to go to bottom of your page and again press Save and return.

Next thing we need to do is add Channels

  • Under Channels press Add . Add a name of a Channel and change Buffer Count to 1000.

Below is an example how it should look like:


  • If you saved it successfully it should look something like this:


  • Under Modules are couple of options that are recommended to *check in *:



  • After all is setup in ZNC we move to QChat.


  • Open your XChat and Add a new network and name it by your choice:


  • Choose your new Network and press Edit.

  • We need to fill out some things:

Servers for (Name of your Network):

  • (you can find your port information when you look at your search bar where your ZNC is opened)*.


  • After you are finished make sure to press Add!

  • You need to check in the following options as it is presented below:


NickServ password: your IRC password

Server password: yourZNCUsername:YourZNCpassword

  • After you are finished setting up press Close , choose your new Network and press Connect.

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