How To Disable Filebot - Bytesized Hosting Wiki

How to disable Filebot completely.

If you wish to disable Filebot just follow these steps:


If you are using Windows OS you need to install and setup PuTTY before you continue on.

  • Open your terminal and type:
ssh [email protected]

(with servername being your actual server name). You will get screen similar to this


  • To open up the location where Filebot can be disabled in rTorrent type:
cd  ~/.config/rtorrent


nano rtorrent.rc
  • Go to the bottom of the page until you find the line like showed below:


  • You will need to comment out the line underFilebot by using # command like it´s showed below:


  • After you´re finished make sure to press CTRL + O to save changes and CTRL+ X to leave. Afterwards restart rTorrent.


  • To disable Filebot in Deluge you need to open up your Deluge web interface and go to your Preferences>Plugins and turn off Filebot from Execute script.


  • After you have done that press Apply to save your changes.

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