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How to manually identify files for Plex

Here is a quick guide on how to make filebot manually scan for files that were not automatically extracted so that they can be recognized in Plex library.

If you are using Windows OS you need to install and setup PuTTY before you continue on.

  • Open your terminal and type:
ssh [email protected]

(with servername being your actual server name). You will get screen similar to this


  • If you want Filebot to identify all downloaded files you should type:
cd && filebotify ~/torrents/data/

However if you wish to scan a specific directory type the name of your directory to the instruction which should look like this:

cd && filebotify ~/torrents/data/NAME/


When you are typing out the name of the directory press TAB button on your keyboard and it should autofill the rest of name for you.

After filebot is finished it´s recommended to update your Plex library.


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