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How to stream media files to VLC via SFTP

In case if you want to stream certain video files to VLC, rather than use a Plex Client here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to your server's account details page, and visit the FTP web-link.

  2. Navigate to the media file that your are interested in streaming, and copy the link address to that file. For example it might be ftp://username:[email protected]/media/TV%20Shows/ShowName/Season%202/ShowName.S02E02.EpisodeName.720p.mkv

  3. Modify the ftp part of the link to sftp.

  4. Replace all %20's with actual spaces.

  5. Find your home folder location on the right side of your account's dashboard page. For example it might be /home/hdxx/username

  6. Prepend this path before the /media/ in your link, so your final link would look like: sftp://username:[email protected]/home/hdxx/username/media/TV Shows/ShowName/Season 2/ShowName.S02E02.EpisodeName.720p.mkv

  7. Paste this link into VLC's Open Network location dialog (File -> Open Network), and enjoy your stream.

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