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Migrate from Personal Storage to Bytesized

AKA: How to get my personal Plex content to Bytesized

There are multiple ways to do this. In this tutorial we'll look at using rsync with a few twists so that you can start a process that will resume successfully and let you see what file it's working on.

This is some clever Unix/Linux items, so please be careful

  1. Set up a SSH Keypair
  2. Copy the Public half of the keypair to the box you're going to be sending your data to in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file
  3. Ensure the SSH private key is loaded up in the linux environment
  4. From the Directory you want to send (ex: Movies) use the following:
while [ 1 ]
rsync -avhzS --partial-dir=.partials --progress . [email protected]:media/Movies
sleep 10

This starts up a rsync sender/reciever pair with the following options:

  • -a Archive
  • -v Verbose
  • -h Human Readable Sizes
  • -z On the fly compression/decompression
  • -S Sparse file efficency
  • --partial-dir=.partials Allow your rsync to try to resume a partial file without needing to resend the entire file
  • --progress Report the progress of the file upload
  • . Current Working Directory (in this case I chose my local Movie Store
  • [email protected] Your Username SSH Host that is on the dashboard
  • :media/Movies Where to write the rsync sent files to.

If for some reason the rsync is inturrupted, the script will sleep for 10 seconds and then restart the rsync. 10 seconds is chosen as a happy medium in case the system is down or there is a temporary inturruption in the network between you and the ByteSized server.

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