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This feature is only supported on the full +Dedi plans and not the "Split" variations.


Multi-user support enables you to invite your friends and family to your AppBox +Dedi account and let them install and use their own apps. This makes sharing your account very easy. They basically get a full-fledged Bytesized account and share your disk-storage and bandwidth.

An overview of the multi-user feature


To enable this feature do the following:

  1. Go to the dashboard for your +Dedi account
  2. Press the "multi-user" tab
  3. Click "enable multi-user support"
  4. A new button should show up called "Deploy user to server", press it.
  5. Fill in the email address that your friend used to sign-up to Bytesized.
  6. If everything is working correctly he should have an account automatically deployed to him.


  • We will not provide any support for your guest users;
  • Be aware that deploying multiple users on your server might degrade the overall performance, we cannot be held responsible for any issues you encounter while having guest users;
  • Your guest users will consume your bandwidth and storage.

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