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Name: Murmur


Added on: 3th of March 2015


Murmur is the server software for Mumble. Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.

Version management

Latest version available in the Ubuntu repository.

Tips and Tricks

Changing the welcome message

To change the welcome message you will have to edit the configuration file on your box.

You can transfer it using FTP (make sure you enable hidden files) and edit it on your computer or edit it directly on the server using the nano or vim commands.

The file is located in your home folder in ~/.config/murmur/mumble-server.ini if you connect via FTP omit the ~.

The part you are looking for looks like:

welcometext="<br />Welcome to <USERNAMEHERE>'s Bytesized Powered <b>Murmur</b> server.<br />Enjoy your stay!<br />"

You can change everything between the " " to say what you like.

Adding a SuperUser account

For some features, permanent channels for instance, a SuperUser account is needed. You can easily add one by issuing the following command.

/usr/sbin/murmurd -ini ~/.config/murmur/mumble-server.ini -supw yourpasswordhere

After this change your login name on Mumble to SuperUser and use the password you picked earlier.

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