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Name: Owncloud

Website: https://owncloud.org/

Added on: 26th of January 2016


Open-source Dropbox alternative.

Version management

8.0 release with auto-update once installed

Tips and tricks

Any files uploaded with Owncloud are destroyed once you uninstall it.

Add downloaded Files

Activate external Storage Support in the Apps section. Go to Administration/External Storage and add your SFTP account. You can mount directly your download folder. Now you can share your downloaded files with external links.

Activate the updater in the News App

Deactivate "Use Owncloud cron updater for updating news in the settings. Insert your settings in the config file in ~/www/owncloud/apps/news/bin/updater/example-config.ini. Then execute python3.4 -m ~/www/owncloud/apps/news/bin/updater/owncloud_news_updater -c ~/www/owncloud/apps/news/bin/updater/example-config.ini &

Remember that you have to execute this script every time you updated or restarted the box.

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